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Every portfolio tells a story

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It's so exciting to join the Fine Art America site. As an artist, the opportunity to grow and expand in a creative way is priceless. Putting together a portfolio that represents an artist's best work is a labor of love - and culling those images that are not necessarily representative of the artist's style is hard (and sometimes heartbreaking) work. Seeing how art evolves over time and how new elements are incorporated into an artist's signature style makes the task an exhilarating one, despite the need to "kill your darlings" - or at least delete them from the portfolio.

Sand & Chi started as an outlet for my art work - in the many forms it takes - and grew into a nice little side business. Three years later, my husband and I decided to devote more time to growing that business. We're a partnership with an intent: we intend to build this into some retirement income and to have the proceeds from sales fund our dream of living on Boston's North Shore. Life is fragile, though, so every day we are aware the clock is ticking and we only have a finite number of years to make that dream a reality.

While we're not consumed with pressure, we still dream on a daily basis - half the fun is in dreaming about what could be, isn't it? The artwork contained in the portfolio is produced by one artist but the patient partner of that artist made all of the inspiration possible. Contained in the portfolio are images of places we've been, things we've collected, and dreams we've shared. We'd wager that every artist's portfolio is a timeline of their life and experiences captured in images or sculptures. That's part of what makes a portfolio special. It's a glimpse into the soul of the artist, and sometimes into the relationships that artist has with other people.

Making the move to FAA has enabled us to look at the Sand & Chi portfolio and make some decisions about what is displayed and what needs to remain stored on the hard drive of the computer or under the bed. We are still creating memories every day, so there needs to be room for those new dreams and shared experiences. We don't know where this will all lead, but we're enjoying the journey - and we're happy to be giving you a glimpse into our history as a partnership and as people.